Is it Time to Change Your Car Insurance

Is it Time to Change Your Car Insurance
Is it Time to Change Your Car Insurance
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Auto insurance is a must but that doesn’t mean you have to overpay for it.  Just because you have been with the same insurance company for years doesn’t mean they are giving you the best price or the right coverage.  Different policies and different insurance companies enter the market all the time and you have to wonder is it time to change your car insurance for a better policy.  Here are some situations where it might be time to change.

  1. You have just bought a house and need house insurance as well. You call around for rates and you are offered a significant discount if you combine policies with one insurance company.
  2. If you move to another state, the rules for coverage may be different. Your existing company may not offer coverage in the new state.  You always want to shop around for prices when you move to a different state.
  3. You have bought a new car and you’re getting a great rate from the dealer. Also if you have just bought a new car it is the time to shop around anyway.  Insurance rates vary depending on the make and model of the car so you should shop around to see who has the best coverage at the lowest price.
  4. You are trying to cut your monthly expenses. Get some comparative rates and see what else is out there. Insurance companies that operate strictly online tend to have better rates.
  5. You just got married. If both you and your spouse had separate policies prior to getting married you can save by putting both cars under one policy.  At the same time if you have kids who just got their driver’s license and they will start driving your car then you want an affordable policy.  Find a policy that covers all the drivers in your house for a good rate.
  6. You’re getting older. There are times when car insurance rates change drastically, when you hit 25 or 55, statistically you are a safer driver.  The first discount comes once you hit 25 it may be time to do some shopping around.  The same goes when you are over 50, plenty of insurance companies offer discounts to drivers over 50 with a clean driving record.

There is no time like the present to shop around and really see if your insurance company is giving you a good deal or not.  If you feel that you are paying too much then maybe you are.  It is incredibly easy to get quotes from a variety of companies with just a few clicks of a mouse.